About me

meditation painting

I am a …
– Meditator
– Spiritual Teacher (A’ca’rya)
– Monk (Avadhu’ta)
– Yogi (E-RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance)
– Vegetarian (Sattvik diet)
– Social worker
– Neo-Humanist
– Proutist

I do …
– sa’dhana’ (spiritual practices) daily, including meditation (dhya’na), concentration (dha’rana), pran’a’ya’ma, asanas, etc
– teach Tantra Yoga Meditation on a non-commercial basis
– give free webinars in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian regularly
– give online courses on meditation, Yoga, karma, neo-humanism, PROUT, Dharma, etc (free and fee based)
– manage a charitable foundation and a non-profit organization
– organize spiritual retreats
– give spiritual names, celebrate spiritual marriages, and other spiritual ceremonies
“Do something for somebody every day for which you do not get paid.”
Albert Schweitzer
My diet: I am lacto-vegetarian (Sattvik diet)
I eat:
-Grains (rice, wheat, oats, quinoa, barley, etc)
-Beans and legumes (except red lentils)
– All Fresh Fruits and dried fruits
– All vegetables (except onions, garlic, mushrooms, leeks)
– Nuts
-Milk, yogurt, cheese (except gorgonzola, blue cheese)
-herbal tea like chamomile or similar

I don’t eat:
-Any kind of meat, fish, chicken, or eggs
-onions, garlic, mushrooms, leek
-coffee, chocolate, black tea, green tea
-hot spices like red chili, cinnamon
-food that was cooked more than 24 hours before serving.

Yoga Meditation