Tantra Course for Download


You can download the videos with the links on the left, there is a small charge to cover costs.

In these presentations Dada Rainjitananda introduces the various aspects of Tantra in an unique way.

You will be able to understand the principles of Tantra, its importance, history, and why it is extremely relevant to you and life in the present world.

These are recordings of live webinars given by Dada Rainjitananda in the last few years.

Dada is a long time practitioner and has been teaching Tantric meditation practices for nearly 30 years throughout the world.

This is an amazing opportunity to learn about this subject from your own home at your own pace.


The Tantric Definition of Yoga

What is Tantra?

The Tantra of Shiva

Tantric Meditation


Series of Presentations on Tantra